Business Consulting

ZS’s Business Analysis group designs and delivers solutions to help our clients tackle a broad range of business challenges. Our teams work on multiple projects simultaneously, leveraging advanced data analytics and problem-solving techniques. Our recommendations and solutions are based on rigorous research and analysis underpinned by deep expertise and thought leadership.
Role offered:

  • Decision Analytics Associate:  Decision Analytics Associates (DAAs) design and execute analyses to address business problems for our clients and project teams. DAAs leverage their analytic skills to find data-driven insights that help our clients solve their most important business problems and engage with clients to help them understand the implications and make plans to act on them.
  • Strategy Insights and Planning Associate:  Strategy Insights & Planning Associates (SIPAs) create and deliver solutions for our clients and project teams. SIPAs leverage their analytic, synthesis and communication skills to derive insights and solve business problems. In particular, SIPAs apply problem-solving frameworks to client issues, support clients in change initiatives and employ standard analytic techniques to help guide client decisions.
  • Knowledge Management Associate:  Knowledge Management Associates (KMAs) Provide strategic benchmarking, industry sector knowledge and insights, and country-specific research to ZS’s client service teams.

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